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Getting perspective can help you make the right decision for you. Consider the following when deciding between parenting or placing your child in adoption:

*Are you mentally, physically, and emotionally stable enough to provide a steady home for your child—not just now but in the future?

*Can you financially provide for your child?

*If you parent, what relationship will your child have with the birth father?

*Will that relationship (or lack thereof) harm the child, physically or emotionally?

*What is your support system like?

*Is your current living situation a healthy and stable environment for your child?

*What are your hopes for your child?

Adoption is the permanent placement of your child with another family. If you decide your best option is to place a child for adoption, before or after birth, read below and contact us to help you make the journey easier.

Call or text us anytime to speak to an adoption consultant or to schedule a consultation. Birth parents do not pay for adoption services. #671-688-HOPE (4673)

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