Understanding Birth Moms

A major focus of our agency is providing quality services to women who are pregnant and wish to place their baby for adoption. We aim to provide support and resources, and give a voice to birth mothers in the placement of their children.

A birth mom is not selfish. Most often her intention is for the welfare of her baby. Placing her baby is done out of love and respect for human life, and a hope her baby will have a better life than she could provide.

Women considering placing children in adoptive families often have a life in crisis. They are doing the very best that they can. No one plans to get pregnant and give her baby to someone else. Some birth mothers we will work with are first time mothers and others are parenting several children already.

Birth mothers, even though they are placing their child with another family, play a vital role in bonding with their child. It is generally healthiest for all parties if a birth mother spends some time with her child after birth. Everyone experiences fear at this critical time, but trying to be respectful of all involved, generally produces the happiest outcomes.