Off-Island Adoptions

Placing a child with a family in the United States can be facilitated like an inter-state adoption, since Guam is a US territory.  We do not work in International adoptions with other countries.

Parents or individuals seeking to adopt from the US need to submit a copy of your application that you have submitted to another US agency, or fill out our application form, and include all supporting documents.

We also accept completed adoptive home studies from other states that adhere to similar professional adoption standards. If you have a current home study, please ask the agency or individual who did the home study to e-mail or mail an official copy of it to us.

Create a family profile letter with picture of adoptive parent(s) and then family photos if you have other children. Be honest and don’t worry about appearing perfect. An expectant mother wants to feel like she knows you after reading it.

At time of placement, adoptive parent(s) must come to Guam to be given custody of the child(ren) and then return one year later for the finalization hearing.

As a new adoptive family you will need to:

  • Contact your lawyer within the first 30 days of placement.

  • Let us know who is doing your post placement visits. Generally it is a social service office near you, but it can be an agency who has a licensed social worker that is available to make visits. Give them our information.

  • Schedule your post placement visits. We require 6 post placement visits. It is best to spread them out across the (usually) 1 year supervisory period.

Make sure your social worker knows to forward each post placement report to us and make a recommendation in the final report on whether or not you can finalize.

Keep in contact with our agency. Keep your phone number and address up to date with us. Let us know of any major medical issues with your child. Let us know of any major travel plans with your child.

This is an exciting time and can take place after a successful supervisory period, generally 1 year. You are responsible for any legal fees associated with finalization. You are free to select independent counsel for all necessary adoption proceedings.

Finalization is the process of transferring permanent custody of the child from the adoption agency to the adoptive family. This is generally done before a judge but an appearance in court. After finalization the adoption is final and permanent. The adopted child will have the same legal status and rights as a naturally born child.

The agency will no longer have any rights or responsibilities for the child. We will, however, always be there to help support you as the adoptive family, the birth parents and possible the child once he or she grows up and needs our support.

Our legal team will work with your lawyer to gather all of the necessary paperwork, and send it to the court. Different states have different requirements, so we will work with you individually to make sure all requirements are met.