Adoption is less about getting a child for your family
and more about giving your family for a child.

If you have made the decision to add a child to your family through adoption, here are the resources you will need to apply. If you are on Guam, please fill out the forms in the link below and return them to us. We will contact you to arrange for a home study and background check. 


We cooperate with the Department of Health and Social Services (DPHSS); however, they maintain their own separate files for prospective adoptive families. Therefore, if you have applied through their offices, you will need to send us a copy of everything for us to keep with our files.

6 Steps to Adoption

1. Application

Fill out the application on the link below or forward us a copy of the application you filled out for another agency. A Letter of Introduction, Home Study, Background Criminal Investigation report, and Family Profile will be needed as part of your application. Having all supporting documents ready to be presented to the worker at the time of your home visit will expedite the process.

2. Approval

Your full application will be reviewed and we will contact you in a timely manner.

3. Matching

You will need to be patient during this time, as you will be waiting for an expectant mother to choose you to place her child with. You may have more than one mother contact you to meet or talk before a decisions made. It is important for both parts of this ‘family’ to feel good about the match.


During the waiting period is a great time to prepare yourself more fully. Read books on adoption, visit blogs, or join adoption forums to learn all you can. If you are not already a parent, take a parenting class, talk to other adoptive parents or birth moms to get a clearer picture of how adoption affects all those touched by it. Use this time to plan your finances carefully. The more thorough you are in preparing to financially raise a child, the less stress will be placed on you. 

4. Placement

This time in the process is when you meet your child and legal papers are signed, giving you physical custody. If the child is a newborn, this generally will happen when the baby is about to leave the hospital and the birth mother has signed papers to relinquish her parental rights. Children can be placed in homes off-island, only in the United States or US territories. We do not facilitate International adoptions.

5. Post-Placement

After a child has been placed with you, it is an important time to continue a relationship with the birth mother, if desired by you both. Pictures and letters are generally very helpful to a birth mom as she copes with any feelings of loss and thoughts of her child’s future.

6. Finalization

This is when the child becomes legally yours. You will need to go before a judge in Guam to have documents finalized. This generally happens one year after placement.

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