What is a Home Study?

The Adoptive Pre-Placement Evaluation, generally called a “Home Study”, is to help prepare you for adoption and ensure that you meet agency and Guam requirements.

The Home Study consists of one or more interviews as well as written information provided by you and others. The written material includes medical background, information about your marriage and family, parenting styles, and finances. Reference letters will also be requested from 3 references, including 1 related person and 2 non-related references.

We accept completed adoptive home studies from other states that adhere to similar professional adoption standards. If you have a current home study, please ask the agency or individual who did the home study to e-mail or mail an official copy of it to us.​

If you don’t have a home study and live in Guam, one of our social workers can do it for you. Please call us at 688-4673 to schedule an appt. 

Supporting Documents Needed

  • Child and Adult Abuse Checks for anyone in the home over 18.

  • Color Copy of Driver’s License -Front and Back

  • Copy of Medical Insurance Card

  • Medical Clearances for everyone in the home.

  • Birth Certificates for Adoptive parents

  • Marriage License, and any Divorce Decrees if applicable

  • 3 Letters of Reference- 1 relative and 2 non-relatives.

  • Map to residence

  • Recent report card for each child of school age