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Mission statement:

To provide a compassionate choice for birthing mothers by bringing hope, love, and a safe and nurturing environment for children through adoption; to provide support services for families through preparation, education, guidance, and post-adoption services; We believe all children deserve love and permanent families and will strive to provide support and hope to all those touched by adoption.

Traci Anderson

Traci Anderson has a had a lifelong love for babies and children.  She spent several years as a nanny, provided Montessori education in a day care setting, is a mother of four, and was a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  All of these experiences have provided opportunities for her to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and support that children require in their growth and learning. 


Traci has had the opportunity to obtain foster-to-adopt training, followed by being a foster mom, and the blessing of adopting and raising an amazing boy.  Knowing that adoption is an option and parenting is a joy, Traci will be able to guide mothers in distress to consider all choices before making any decisions.  Helping babies and children to have safe and stable, happy homes is her primary goal.

Lori Boss

Lori Boss has dedicated herself to working with families in need, specifically mothers and children. As a wife, mother of seven, and a grandmother to six, she understands the challenges and blessings of a forever family. From working as a certified birth doula, to opening her home as a foster parent for children in need, she has firsthand experience and expertise in assisting mothers and children during their most challenging times.


Lori believes that women should be empowered by positive choices especially when difficult circumstances arise, such as an unplanned pregnancy, and sees adoption as a selfless gift that a mother can give her child. Her desire to help the children and families on Guam has inspired her to join with equally dedicated women in forming this non-profit adoption service.

Kelley Larsen

Kelley Larsen is a wife, mother, and an international adoptee. She has degrees in Therapeutic Recreation and Psychology, and has worked providing mental health treatment to clients of all ages in various clinical and residential settings; including managing the behavioral and emotional resources for infants, children, and youth in a crisis center. She also volunteers at her church in programs that serve women, youth, and children. For the past three years, she has acted as the executive director of an annual team-building and empowerment camp for girls ages 11-18 from Guam, Saipan, Yap, and Palau. 


Together, these experiences have underscored to her the importance of loving families and community-based support networks to individual wellness. Her vision for Ohala’ is one where the women, children, and families of our island can find loving and supportive options where the needs of each person are valued.

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